What will we do in evolutionary boot camps? Train & Play

EBCs will give you an overview of the journey to prepare yourself for the next humanity. No one in these boot camps will tell you about person you should become or what you should do in your life. You will train with other fellows who want to build great capacities to invent the future they believe in, just like you.

You will explore the conditions and get a taste of the practice it takes to go there. Most of it will happen under the guidance and coaching of Jean-François Noubel.

As the team and the community will build up in the future, you will meet more and more super skillful human beings who will inspire you and train you in their specific field of expertise. You may become a recognized expert yourself and inspire others in an EBC someday.


  • You will learn the fundamentals of collective intelligence and the language for social engineering.

  • You will connect to the inner evolutionary arrow that manifests via our individual and collective consciousness

  • You will intensively train you body everyday so that everything we learn or unlearn becomes fully embodied.

  • You will explore new technologies and see how we can design or hack them for the world we want.

  • You will envision possible realities in the manifested world that want to come into existence.

  • You will explore new technologies and see how we can design or hack them for the world we want.

  • You will learn the link between currency design and the societies that emerge from this, hence you will see how currencies work as social DNA

  • You will explore how the old world perpetuates itself through language, food, social codes, technology, time, culture, the body, the doxa.

  • You will invent and practice new architectures for new social DNA through language, food, social codes, currency design, etc.

  • You will learn how to create the conditions to support higher forms of consciousness, individually and collectively.


Evolutionary Boot Camps last for a minimum of 10 full days, depending on the design chosen by the organizers (check the next dates). Dates don’t include arrival and departure time, therefore you must arrive before and leave after the event.

Can we learn all these things in such a short amount of time? Of course not. Becoming a humanonaut requires a 24/7 practice. EBCs will give you enough tools and insights to decide whether you want to embark on the journey for yourself in your own life and with your communities.

What will come next?

We have no idea yet. You will decide. Everyone will decide. Maybe a movement will emerge. We have no agenda, we invite you to trust the process, as we do.

EBCs have 2 parts:

  • Intensive training, as described above.

  • Open spaces to reflect on the “what next?”, for you and your peer humanonauts. Daily training will continue though, but less intensively.

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