We do not organize evolutionary boot camps ourselves. You co-organize them, from finding the place to calculating the costs, to dealing with logistics (accommodation, food, cooking, travel…), to sharing everyone’s role and setting up the support system. It demonstrates your capacity to make things happen. It also makes a clear point that we don’t make yet another class for personal development or spiritual tourism. Boot camps embody the DIY philosophy and attract grown up autonomous people.

First read the ‘Apply’ page and check if you match with the criteria. If yes, then fill in the form at the end of that page. If pre-selected, then you will go through a series of interviews with the team. We will talk about your motivation, your leadership and the role you want to take in setting up the event. You will also have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want. EBCs work with groups of 12-30 humanonauts.


Boot camps can take place anywhere on the planet. From Patagonia, to Central Manhattan, from the heart of India to Hogwarts.

Boot camps take place in spaces that embody the values we hold: ecological, beautiful, spiritually grounded, isolated from conventional lifestyle so we can work freely and safely.

The place should hold the capacity to host daytime activities for everyone — from indoor/outdoor physical play (depends on the climate), to computer work, to eating, to meditation. If the place can’t host everyone at night, then the close neighborhood should offer complementary facilities. As we may practice some exercises naked, we want this place isolated and safe from the outside world.

The next EBC will take place May 22nd – June 2nd, 2020, somewhere in Latinamerica (Mexico most likely).

How much?

Boot camps operate on the gift economy. It means:

We offer our work, our experience and time. We only ask the group to support the organizer’s costs (travel+ food + accommodation), as they fully live in the gift economy.

In the end you can make a conscious gift. Not as a debt or duty, but from gratitude if you experience it. A gift to to the team or to anyone else in the world. The philosophy consists in keeping the chain of kindness alive.

On top of your travel cost, you will likely have to invest some conventional money for accommodation and food, unless someone also offered these to the boot camp.

Imagination and inner autonomy always help find practical solutions. For instance you may organize a side conference for Jean-François that pays for his trip. Or your generous aunt has a château, and she wants you and your circle to enjoy it. Or your best friend has extra air miles to spare. Just allow the flow to happen and it will manifest.

As for the gift economy, don’t play by this old energy called poorism.

Poorism consists in putting a few coins in the hat of the singer in somewhat a greedy way. Greediness makes you poor, not the singer. The singer has already chosen freedom and abundance. Giving the best of you, even if you don’t have much, will give you the experience of your own creative power to attract wealth as well. Flows generates flows.

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