Criteria for Participation & How to Apply

  • Read carefully the criteria below and ask yourself whether you match with them
  • Fill in the application form at the bottom of the page
  • If pre-selected, then you will have an interview with members of the team

If you don’t get selected, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t say anything about your richness and potential as a human being. It just means you don’t match with the specific criteria for this specific boot camp. Maybe next time. Don’t give up.

See you soon!

Attending an evolutionary boot camp means you match and agree with every criteria listed below:

  • You have a super physical condition. We mean super. Not as an international athlete, but running 15km, doing 50 push-ups or jumping from 2m high feels like an easy and natural thing to you. You may have a good level in some specific sports (martial arts, swimming, rock climbing, gym, marathon, dance, anything…). Intensive training hours don’t scare you, and you like it.

  • You don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs

  • You speak fluent English — we mean fluent, not school level.

  • You have a vegan lifestyle because you have compassion for animals and you know we don’t need to slaughter them to exist.

  • You consider yourself a free person and a free spirit.

  • You have an artistic skill — music, drawing, writing, filming, circus… anything.

  • You have a strong rational mind, scientific, intuitive and curious.

  • You have solved your main psychological and existential issues. Evolutionary boot camps will not serve as a space for therapy, healing or just personal development.

  • You experience a deep spiritual journey grounded by a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, martial arts, shamanism…).

  • You have a green conscious lifestyle. You recycle, you care for the planet, you don’t play the consumerist game.

  • You reject any kind of discrimination (such as racism, speciesism, sexism, issues with gender, sexual orientations, ethnicity, religion, age, physical appearance, etc).

  • You have an advanced practice of the Internet and its related technologies, such as social media, coding, design, architecture, cryptocurrencies, cryptotechnologies…

  • You have an advanced practice of the Internet and its related technologies, such as social media, coding, design, architecture, cryptocurrencies, cryptotechnologies…

  • You live a free life. You haven’t entangled yourself in heavy-duty / high maintenance lifestyle such as family life, heavy working position, debts, mortgages, etc.

  • You have financial and material autonomy, which means you don’t consider yourself as “poor” or as a victim of life. If you belong to the young adults category, you already know how to direct your life in the world.

  • You feel eager to breaking old social codes and exploring other paths with the body, such as nakedness.

  • You hold your own independent mind. If you fear that Evolutionary Boot Camps hide a secret sect under the control of a guru, please don’t apply. It means you haven’t built enough autonomy to trust your own judgment and to experience that freedom depends exclusively on you.

  • You agree to receive directed training from Jean-François Noubel and the team during the EBC and you trust their leadership on this.

  • You agree to have one-to-one interviews if the team selects you as a potential candidate, so we can sense your deep motivation and you can ask all the questions you want.

  • You understand that EBCs operate as a DIY, this means you will actively participate in its organization and make yourself accountable for it.

  • You won’t take it personally if you don’t get selected. You know it has nothing to do with your greatness as a human being.

The next EBC will take place in Mexico (still to confirm) May 22nd-June 2nd, 2020.

​If you match with all these points above and feel called to participate in an evolutionary boot camp, then fill in this application form.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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