Our species evolves, so does the way society organizes itself. And so does collective intelligence. We transition from thousands of years of pyramidal collective intelligence (top-down, centralized, market and money based…) towards holomidal collective intelligence (distributed, local and global, based on mutualist economy…). More and more people pioneer new ways to exist individually and collectively, from energy to education, from science to healthcare, from ecology to food (as expressed in trailer The New Republics). And from inner subjective self to outer objective manifestation.

Levels of consciousness

On that same evolutionary wave, many people take the journey of personal growth. Sociology offers a precise scrutiny of this evolution, for instance through the rise of cultural creatives (Ray & Anderson). Maps of stages of consciousness (Wilber, Aurobindo, Gebser, Graves) show also a clear rise of consciousness on the planet, leading to more and more people wanting to interconnect and build societies and organizations that reflect their being and their values. We can also see a shift from rational to transrational societies (they include rationality, but transcend it to go beyond its limitations).

Individual evolution doesn’t provide many clues on how to build an enlightened society. Many people have pioneered a specific sector in the doing side, like permaculture, ecology, sustainable economies, renewable energy, software, schools, etc. But how do we assemble the pieces together? How do we design thriving societies from that? How can individual evolution make evolved collectives? We witness the same pattern reproducing again and again around the world: evolved people keep rebuilding the same old society together, and they suffer from it. It operates like if some hidden old social DNA injected itself in whatever new we want to create, regardless the work on personal growth and the breakthroughs with external technologies. Something seems to operate independently. After years of research, we came to realize that the “we” that operates through the individual self hasn’t evolved very much. Spiritual traditions focused on liberating the “I” –the self– as a primary condition for liberating the We. Yet they haven’t addressed that part of the “we” –society– that perpetuates itself through the I. Now time has come to take the challenge. For instance, by writing this page in English, we use a collective tool: language. All languages contain layers of archaic forms of consciousness by the very way they describe reality. They perpetuate the use of old maps and archaic mental representations. Evolve language, and you will evolve the we. Another example: conventional money. This old technology supports pyramidal collective intelligence. Because money concentrates itself in the hands of a few, it serves societies that need to rely on competition, market based economies, centralized power. Money doesn’t work for holomidal collective intelligence, based on distributed networks and circular economy. Shifting to such an economy requires we build a technology better than money. A technology that makes us build integral wealth in our collective awareness, giving our species new expressive capacities through an evolved language of flows. This shift can evolve individual and collective consciousness in a magnitude that no one can imagine today. One last example (among so many others): social codes. Social codes never exist randomly, they have a purpose. They keep the coherence of social fabric. For instance standard conversations don’t leave space for silence, deep breath, self-centering, meditation. We “take the floor”, we want people to listen to what we have to say, or push. Because of their speed, conventional social codes make us drive conversations on automatic pilot. It gives us the illusion of safety as we operate from what we know and what we think we control. Wisdom driven, transrational conversations conversations require a whole other set of social codes to support them. For instance the 6 agreements include a deep breath before speaking, offering an architecture that supports the emergence of wisdom in conversations. Pioneering the next society and the next consciousness requires much more than a personal therapeutic shift. It requires the spirit of an fierce explorer giving 100% of his/her energy and attention.

From Astronaut to Humanonaut

Imagine you dream to travel into space to discover and inhabit new universes. Because of their own physics and topology, these virgin worlds offer many possibilities to reinvent life. New civilizations can grow there from a clean start. You feel an irresistible attraction for the journey. You want to become an astronaut who will pioneer these worlds.

Could you do that on your spare time? Would reading books on personal development do the job? Of course not. You know that becoming an astronaut will ask for every single piece of your will, your courage, your attention, your energy and your time. You will have to leave everything in order to commit to the journey. If you have a family, then you will need to make an agreement with them so they support you unconditionally. Before getting into the spacecraft, you will follow a long and extensive preparation –physical, mental, psychological and, in many regards, spiritual. You will learn how to make the right decisions in unknown and sometimes risky environments, you will prepare yourself to face every possible scenario and provide appropriate responses, you will master zillions of techniques and technologies. You will train yourself to keep cool in situations that would drive anyone crazy or frozen by fear. Although this training and journey may terrify many people, you love it because it makes you thrive. You made your dharma of it. Becoming a humanonaut that explores and embodies the next humanity requires the very same intensity of training and commitment as an astronaut. Next page: Evolutionary Boot Camps