Our species evolves, so does the way society organizes itself, and so does collective intelligence. We transition from thousands of years of pyramidal collective intelligence (top-down, centralized, market and money based…) towards holomidal collective intelligence (distributed, local and global, based on mutualist economy…). More and more people explore new ways to exist individually and collectively, from energy to education, from science to healthcare, from ecology to food, as expressed in The New Republics‘ trailer.

On that same evolutionary wave, many people take the journey of personal growth. Sociology offers a precise scrutiny of this evolution, for instance through the rise of cultural creatives (Ray & Anderson). Maps of stages of consciousness (Wilber, Aurobindo, Gebser, Graves) also show a clear rise of consciousness on the planet, leading to more and more people wanting to build societies and organizations that reflect their own evolution. We also see a shift from the rational mind to the transrational mind.

However we see the same pattern reproducing again and again: take a group of super evolved people (highly conscious, skillful, smart, spiritual…), put them  in the same room, and they will keep reproducing the same old society together again and again. It shows that something operates independently from the individual self. Some hidden old social DNA keeps the old society alive with its limitations, regardless the work on personal growth and the breakthroughs in external technologies. Just think of it deeply, and it makes perfect sense: we all exist as holograms of the society in which we live. We exist as parts as well as wholes. Most of the time people commit to evolve the part, as they see themselves as pieces in a bigger whole called society. But we forget that we also carry and embody the whole inside the self, the ‘we’ in the ‘I’.

Therefore individual evolution and technology alone don’t give all the clues for building an enlightened society. Years of research have demonstrated that the “we” that operates through the individual hasn’t evolved very much. Spiritual traditions have focused on liberating the “I” –the self– as a primary condition. Yet they haven’t addressed that part of the “we” –society– that perpetuates itself through the I. Now time has come to take the challenge.

For instance, by writing this page in English, I use a collective tool: language. Languages have embedded worldviews in them, they hold many archaic forms of consciousness made for survival, they carry lot’s of old belief systems, they map reality according to ancient needs. Today’s languages don’t serve the future we want, unless we evolve them, which will eventually evolve the whole society as a natural result. Evolving language means we evolve the collective inside the individual self. We hack on our own hologram.

Another example: conventional money. This old technology supports pyramidal collective intelligence very well. Money concentrates itself in the hands of a few (Pareto effect), it serves societies that need to rely on competition, market based economies, extraction economy, centralized power, i.e. pyramidal collective intelligence. It doesn’t serve holomidal collective intelligence, based on distributed network, mutualist economy, open innovation, systemic and non-linear thinking. Shifting to such an economy requires we build a technology better than money. A technology for integral wealth, a language of flows. It will evolve the We and its consciousness in a magnitude that no one can imagine today. Again, this combines individual transformation of the collective through the individual self.

One last example: social codes. Social codes never exist randomly. They have a purpose. They keep the societal structure alive and homeostatic. For instance standard conversations don’t leave space for silence. We “take the floor”, we want people to listen and accept what we have to say. Because of their speed, conventional conversations make us run on autopilot. Wisdom driven conversations need a whole other set of social codes to support them. The 6 agreements that include a deep breath before speaking offer an architecture that support the emergence of wisdom in conversations. Playing and hacking social codes also prove how we can shift the entire society inside the individual self.

Now you get the concept: pioneering the next society and the next consciousness requires much more than a personal therapeutic shift. It requires the spirit of a fierce explorer giving 100% of his/her energy and attention.

You need to become a humanonaut.