Evolutionary Boot Camps

A training space for
humanonauts who are ready to pioneer the next humanity

A humanonaut who explores the next humanity -- or whatever comes after humankind -- needs the very same intensity of training and commitment as an astronaut.

Would reading books on personal development do the job? Could you do that on your spare time? Of course not. Becoming an astronaut requires every single piece of your will, courage, focus, energy and joy 24/7. If you have a family, then you will need to make an agreement with them to support you and embrace your journey in their own way. Before embarking, you will follow a long and extensive preparation --physical, mental, psychological, technical and, in many regards spiritual as this makes you explore your true nature and the deep fabric of reality. You will learn how to make the right decisions in unknown and often uncertain environments, you will prepare yourself to face every possible scenarios and provide appropriate responses, you will master many techniques and technologies. You will rehearse endlessly to keep your efficiency and compassion in situations that would drive anyone crazy or frozen by fear, until it becomes natural. Welcome to the Evolutionary Boot Camps.